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      Ever since I was a little girl, I had an independent spirit.  If I wanted it, I would find a way to get it. If I had a vision, I couldn’t let it go. I’ll never forget watching The Wonder Years (I loved Kevin’s raspy little voice) and watching their nightly family dinners around the table. I just knew that would be my family one day, sitting around our table with our perfect little meals and pretty serving bowls in the center (“Please pass the potatoes.”)  Well, some of that might not have turned out EXACTLY like The Wonder Years, but everything starts with a vision, right?

      At 8 years old I was doing everything from gymnastics, to piano, to sewing classes.  Flipping in the air backwards scared me, and after straddling the beam one too many times I retired from my short gymnastics career at age 11.  I learned all I wanted to learn from piano after 2 years (or so I thought) and begged to quit (I can now hear my mom’s voice, “You’ll regret quitting one day.”)  The skill of sewing always sticks with you though. Once you learn to sew a pillowcase, you know the basics!

      As a teenager, I worked in the mall at The Limited Too, where I worked through most of college. I loved helping moms style their daughters, and seeing their daughters feel so beautiful in their new outfits.  I even dabbed in acting for a few years, which I LOVED. After graduating with a marketing degree, my high school sweetheart and I married, worked together in real estate and construction, and I had 2 sweet boys.

      After my second child, I really wanted to make a side income while staying at home with the boys.  I began sewing and embroidering kids clothes (see how that skill sticks with you?)  On occasion, my girlfriends and I would set up at festivals with our cute pillowcase dresses, hand sewn infant shoes, boys Jon Jons, and monogramming machines! Once my oldest son turned 5 though, I had to take a step back for homeschooling.

      Then came the vision of moving to the coast one day!  Saving money through a few house flips, and after the addition of a daughter, we picked up our stuff in GA, and moved to a sunny little island in FL!  (I call it a Hallmark movie set.  Seriously, Hallmark can you please film a Christmas movie here?) As I would walk through downtown and see the cute shops I’d think, I’d love to own a boutique here one day.

      I remember waking up one day and saying to my husband, “I want to DO something.  I want it to excite me, and I want it to excite others.”  My husband looked at me and said, “What about that boutique idea you had? Why don’t you pursue that?”  Now, here we are, settled where we want to raise our family, making visions come to life.

      I believe we all FEEL how we look.  Ladies-we need to all wake up, clothe ourselves in happiness, dress for success, put ourselves together, feel motivated, go out there and meet new people, and be confident in how we look the whole time. These things effect how we feel and what we DO.   It gives people reason to respect us, because it shows how we feel about ourselves, and that we take time for ourselves. But it must be quality, comfortable, and it must express you. It must appreciate the present while creating new paths.  We are chic, we are edgy, we are fun. 

      STAY excited!  Because, like teak and ivy, our confidences and our visions must last and continue to grow!

      I sincerely can’t wait to meet you all.  Y’all are my WHY. <3